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Do you have a WordPress site with lots of pages in a hierarchical structure? Are you trying to use WordPress like a “real” CMS? Then this plugin is for you!

Page Tree gives you a much-needed overview of your published pages in the admininstration panel using a common expand/collapse menu, which lets you navigate your page structure like a folder tree in Windows Explorer.

Now you can quickly and easily find the page you want to edit using the expandable tree view, and also get an admin view site map of your complete site.

The page tree is only displayed in WordPress administration panel, under your regular “Pages” menu. See the screen shot for a better understanding of how it works.

139 thoughts on “Page Tree”

  1. Everybody, I’m sorry to say that I simply do not have the time to keep up this plugin. I will most likely abandon this plugin completely and focus on other developments.

    If anybody wants to take over and make a new branch or take over the development, let me know.


    1. Hi, please email me personally, I would like to express my interest and take over the development. thnks

      1. Anthony: You and anybody else can just take over and make a branch from the last commited version of the code.

        1. I have to tell:

          This plugin is the best plugin, I translated the mp and po files to spanish, if any interesed reply this comment and I put it in megauploads

          I am another ready to help developing or fixing errors in the plugin availabe

      2. Anthony,

        I like this plugin widget and it works well. I have found that it give me a bullet on all but the last links for the sub menu. Do you know how to get rid of that?

        Thanks, Sam

  2. The plugin does not work in wordpress 3.0,
    but you can easily edit the wppagetree.php to do so: just replace page.php with post.php and it will work again like a charm. Thanks, Mans Jonasson, for the great script, which in my opinion besides this little problem with post and page does not need to be developed any further, cause it does what it does.

  3. I’m trying to use the page tree in my wordpress site but I can’t edit the pages from the admin panel. the links to display the pages work but the edit part doesn’t. It takes me to the main site and acts as if the link to edit page is another page in the website that does not exist.

    any help?

  4. For the past few months I’m getting an Error 404 – Not found on my site but only now I decided to visit this page just to find out that the developer gave up on it :-( I’m so sorry because it was one of the plugins I liked the most, since my website has a bunch of pages. Anyway, I also noticed that Anthony offered to take it over but I didn’t find more information about it. Does anybody know if this plugin has been replaced but a compatible version that works under WP 3.0?

  5. can anyone assists me with the widget that comes with this plugin?

    I see a pageTree widget under Available Widgets but it seems it will only allow me to use it once. Meaning, when I drag and drop the Page Tree widget into a sidebar I no longer have it available as a widget.

    this is a problem as I am using custom sidebars. I am going to need to use that widget in other sidebars as well as with different settings (i.e Start menu display at parent category XX for this widget in this sidebar and then start at parent category YY in that widget on that sidebar

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