Enable Media Replace

Official WordPress URL with download and more information: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/enable-media-replace/

This plugin lets users replace media files by adding a method for uploading new content while keeping the old filename. This saves the user from having to first delete an attachment from the library, then uploading a new attachment with the exact same name.

93 thoughts on “Enable Media Replace”

  1. Thanks for this suggestion. This would be great for my website as this would deal with our problem changing media files we uploaded on the site. Passing this to my friend who runs my cooking website.

  2. Add this @ ln 93 in upload.php

    if (!file_exists(dirname($current_file))) {
    mkdir(dirname($current_file), 0777, true);

    If the folder was deleted due to a botched move attempt (but the media is still in the database) adding the dirs will allow the plugin to not fail due to errors.

  3. I have a wordpress site. Few months back, I installed this plugin and replaced some old images with new images using this plugin. Is there any problem with uninstalling this plugin now? Is there any chance to again get back the old images after deactivating this plugin?

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